Photography Guidelines

Chiles Peach Orchard is a popular location for photography.  Professional and novice photographers and their clients are permitted on our farm under the following guidelines:

  1. You are welcome to take photos in the orchard during REGULAR business hours. No one is allowed on property after business hours without a special appointment (see below).
  2. Photography is allowed only in areas of the orchard that are open to the public (this changes from day to day). You must check in with our manager on duty to find out what areas you may enter. You must be finished by our closing time (unless special arrangements have been made in advance).
  3. If you wish to enter the orchard before or after business hours (which change during the season), you must make an appointment in advance ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ). We will  attempt to schedule staff to be on-site.  If we can staff it, the charge is $60 per hour, payable on site by cash or check.
  4. All orchard policies must be followed. You must remain in designated open areas, and pay for any fruit you pick. Please do not climb trees, waste fruit, litter, or act in any unsafe manner.
  5. There is no charge to use the location during business hours IF you provide us with quality photos that we could use for marketing purposes, with permissions. If you are unable do this, the charge is $60 per hour, payable by cash or check on-site.
  6. If you are taking photography/videography for advertising or mass media purposes, please contact us in advance; we are happy to work with you.
  7. Please respect our private property, help us keep the insurance man happy, and enjoy your photos and memories of the orchard by following our guidelines!











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