Safety Tips for Visiting the Orchard

We’re glad you are visiting! Here are some tips to help you make the most of your visit!

  1. Chiles Peach Orchard is a non-smoking facility.  This includes electronic/vapor cigarettes. Smoking is not permitted ANYWHERE on our property. Yes, this includes all outdoor areas!
  2. Dress properly! This is a working farm, and the ground can be uneven. Depending on the weather, it may be dusty, muddy, slick, etc. Proper footwear is important. We do our best to keep poison ivy at bay; if you are allergic, long pants are recommended. Sunscreen is always a good idea, as are close-toed shoes.
  3. For safety, climbing of trees is not permitted.
  4. Help us keep our orchard clean and safe. Do not throw fruit, or put any on the ground. If you pick it, it must go in your bag and you must pay for it.
  5. Trash cans are provided; please put litter in it’s proper place.
  6. Be our partner, help keep prices down, and report any activity that shows disregards for our policies.
  7. We recommend leaving your pets at home.  We often have large crowds; some pets don't do well around strangers, and not all other customers love animals.  If you choose to bring your pet, please keep the following in mind:  Pets must be socialized, well-behaved, and leashed. They are not permitted in our store, nor in the strawberry patch or pumpkin patch. Owners must also be socialized and well-behaved – please clean up after your pet, even in the orchard. Keep in mind that while many people love pets, many also do not. Please be respectful.  There are folks who will report animals that are left in cars.  Keeping in mind the safety and well-being of your pet, it's usually best to leave him/her at home.
  8. You are welcome and encouraged to bring your own containers for picking. We do provide plastic bags if you do not have containers.
  9. Chiles Peach Orchard is a smoke-free (including electronic cigarettes), alcohol-free, and drug-free facility.
  10. You are responsible for paying for everything you pick – please watch your children!












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